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Oz Tantra – Relationship Counselling & Sexuality Advice

Oztantra is for those who are seeking the absolute best outcome for their own vibrant and loving relationship, including a matching sizzling sex life….

Oztantra is a professional, highly specialised and experienced resource for those who are seeking something special for themselves in their relationship and intimate sex life, regardless of where you’re at in your life, relationship or sex.

If your relationship is facing challenges, we support you in finding your way through, and in a way that works for both of you. And, remember, if we don’t get results in each session, then there is no charge, the session is free…plus, each session includes follow up phone conversations that support you in your changes and integration as you require them.

At Oztantra, we treat your relationship and sex life as the most important aspect in your life, because when all this is zinging along, life is good…

And, you can be living  anywhere on this amazing planet and still have access to our services….       Our comprehensive website is freely available and easily accessible plus, is continually growing with new articles, pages and topics.

Oztantra offers sessions, retreats and workshops all combined with inclusive follow up support, information and direction to ensure full integration of any changes or challenges that may arise.

And, this is just the beginning….

Oztantra’s Annette & Graeme come to you with the highest integrity in this work. We deliver our work from our own passion for relationship and sex as we are also in our own long term and highly successful relationship.

Working with clients as a couple, we intimately understand the integrity, trust and skill required and expected by both couples and singles when working with them in their intimate relationship space.

Annette and Graeme are in a unique relationship, as  both are qualified professionally as counsellors, in emotional intelligence skills and Tantric sexuality, and both share their passion for this work.

Oztantra understand that learning skills, especially Tantric skills is only the beginning, and that follow up support and guidance is essential and is included as part of our service

Our website has a huge amount of free information at your finger tips (about 80 pages of information, tips, webinar’s etc…)

         Facilitators Annette Baulch & Graeme Sudholz.

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If you want to know more about us, our work or our products, contacting us is easy…..
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Oztantra brings BOTH healthy relationship and intimate sex together for you, and because we are also in a relationship, we fully understand the sensitivity and intensity that is present around your relationship sexuality. We have the experience, skill, knowledge and professionalism combined with the awareness required for any couple to look at what is or isn’t happening in their intimate sex lives together.

Even if you’re feeling at the point of “no return” in your relationship,

Or, your sex life has “dried up” ,

Or, you already have a great thing going and wonder if there is more……..

Oztantra has something to offer you…..

Are you aware of any of the following:

  • Are you in a long term relationship that is stuck in a rut or has lost its spark?
  • Do your attempts to communicate fall on deaf ears or make things worse?
  • Is the stress of day-to-day living having a negative impact on your sex life?
  • Has your spouse stopped desiring to have sex with you or stopped wanting you at all?
  • Has real intimacy become non existent? Do you no longer share your feelings and dreams
  • Are you carrying past experiences that are preventing you from experiencing more?
  • Have you tried regular counselling and therapy without success?
  • Are you hurting, frightened, frustrated or depressed and unsure what to do?
  • Would you like to recapture the magic of your ‘honeymoon’ phase?

Oz tantra is a resource for creating more heart centred, authentic, passionate expressions of yourself in your relationships , your sex life and your world, regardless of where you live on this planet.

Oztantra is not only unique, but also highly successful in our work with clients…

Why we are different is actually quite simple, because while we work in moving forward with our clients.

We approach all our sessions with the view of reconnecting sex with heart and bringing back in the fun, zest and interest that existed at the beginning of their relationship, only this time, much  better.

It’s a lot more than just new lingerie or toys in the bedroom…

Learning tantra is just one way of achieving this, regardless of how long you have been together. Oztantra also teach life changing emotional skills because it is this lack that brings most couples unstuck and creates the walls between them.

We are also highly experienced in dealing with depression, sexual abuse and other significant issues that influence relationships. If you’re facing niggling or even major issues and are feeling frustrated that nothing is changing and don’t know where to start, simply give us a free call 1800 TANTRA or Skype (Try the free “Skype button” on the side bar above…) and see for yourself.

If we don’t get results, there is no charge in any of our sessions.

Oztantra will make a difference in your life and relationship because you will get to experience both the power and wisdom of the masculine and feminine working together in a rare and unparalleled container…     (Experience this in our  Couples Retreat)

Oztantra Client Stories:

Relationship connection Happy sexual man couple togetherness
sexual woman Loving relationship Loving couple

Annette & Graeme, relationship and sexuality counselling specialists, can support and guide you to:

  • Magnify the love, intimacy, creativity and spontaneity in your relationship
  • Communicate with confidence…..from the heart
  • Experience the power of what your heart is capable of
  • Get out of the rut and remove boredom forever….
  • Create bedroom magic as sex and love reunite through tantra
  • Heal sexual shame, hurt & abuse and reclaim your sacredness in sex
  • Create real desire for each other and get your juices flowing
  • Find more of yourself whilst building your relationship
  • Experience the contentment that deep trust and love brings
  • Find the meaning and fulfillment that relationship can bring…

We know that real relationships require time, energy and commitment. We also know that time and energy can feel like extremely scarce commodities. We offer our skilled attention focussed on supporting you in choosing the Refresh Tab on your relationship and putting you back in the drivers seat.

If you say yes, then  See here For what’s in it for YOU …

Tantra for Intimate Relationships

Too often sex has become a purely orgasm focused performance that ultimately leads to non-existent, routine or boring sex.

Especially if your lovemaking has become a limited last thing at night scratching of the itch,  a bit of foreplay, mutual orgasms (hopefully), outcome achieved, then sleep.

Oztantra will support you in finding the best for yourself in your sex lives, and in a way that supports you in your relationship boundaries. From this place, learning tantra is natural, life changing and surprisingly easy….

And, we have techniques for singles to practice, learn and grow into your next relationship.

Your sex life will never be same again…..

Oz tantric intimacy

There is so much more to learn, as sex and relationship can definitely get better as we get older.

We invite you to explore our website.

Please join us and enjoy our free webinar’s

And, if you have further questions, please contact us

Phone 1800 TANTRA (826 872) or contact us here today.

And, even if you live in isolated, remote areas, our skype sessions are just as transformative.

We prioritise safety, accountability, transparency and integrity with TOTAL confidentiality.

What Is Tantra

Whether it is with another, or with yourself, relationships is where the gold is and what Tantra is all about.