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Relationship Counselling with the flavour of Tantra

Relationship Counselling with the flavour of Tantra…

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Join us for our Couples Retreat in Bali Oct 2014

Real, fulfilling relationship is what most of us desire in our heart of hearts.

To love & be loved.

That’s where we come in-

Relationship Tantra FacilictatorsOz tantra is a unique resource  For creating more heart centred, authentic, passionate expressions of yourself in your relationships and sexuality. Whether it is with another, or with yourself this is what Tantra is all about. Facilitators Annette and Graeme have a passion for real relationship, we live in a dynamic, open hearted, committed, long term relationship ourselves and know intimately just what it takes.

Graeme & Annette, relationship counselling specialists, can support and guide you to:

The Art of Relationship

See The Art of Relationship here

  • Magnify the love, intimacy, creativity and spontaneity in your relationship
  • Create bedroom magic as sex and love reunite
  • Heal sexual shame and experience sacredness in your sexuality
  • Create real desire for each other and get your juices flowing
  • Communicate with confidence…..from the heart
  • Experience the power of what your heart is capable of
  • Find more of yourself whilst building your relationship
  • Experience the contentment that deep trust and love brings
  • Find the meaning and fulfillment that relationship can bring…

While we’re not saying it’s easy, but we CAN show you how totally worthwhile the challenge is!

We have available a variety of ways to help you create the relationships that you desire. We know that real relationships take time and energy. We also know that time and energy can feel like extremely scarce commodities. Choosing the Refresh Tab on your relationship perspective and priorities can put you back in the drivers seat. 

So What If I Say Yes?

So What If I Say Yes? Touch the magic button (the first of many!) to find out…

Tantra for Intimate Relationships

What Is Tantric Sex REALLY Like?

What Is Tantric Sex REALLY Like?

Too often sex has become a purely orgasm focussed performance that ultimately leads to non-existent, routine or boring sex. Limited to the last thing at night scratching of the itch- a bit of foreplay, mutual orgasms (hopefully), outcome achieved, then sleep.

There is so much more than this.
We welcome you.
Please join us.

Phone 1800 TANTRA or email us here today!

We prioritise safety, accountability, transparency and integrity.

Our retreats, workshops and sessions come with a 100% money back guarantee.