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Oz Tantra – Relationship Counselling & Tantric Sexuality

Imagine a world where your intimate relationships are a source of connection, pleasure and meaning that make life worth living…


We offer unparalleled support if you’re feeling disconnected or struggling in your relationship
And, If you have a great relationship but you’re bored in the bedroom, or…
You’re looking for more information about Tantra that you can actually understand and relate to
Plus, you can even learn from home with our highly effective and personalised online Relationship Course
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Create your own deeply loving, pleasurable and magic relationship…

Creating your own relationship that has meaning for you, also requires a willingness to take chances, to be comfortable with your vulnerabilities coupled with ongoing  learning.

Oztantra are practiced and highly skilled in supporting and guiding couples navigating speed bumps in relationship while rekindling the fun, magic and fire they had at the very beginning.

If you’re feeling inspired our couples retreat will certainly excite your attention.

Tantric Skills can Transform Your Relationship

Introducing Tantric skills into your relationship will change your life and your relationship, regardless of your background, faith or age. Annette & Graeme are skilled, respectful and honouring of your relationship integrity.

Tantric techniques bring heart and sexual connection together in a way that will take your breath away.

Your lovemaking will create a loving pleasurable connection that will get your heart expanding and all of you dissolving into blissful pleasure…

Remembering that it takes courage and commitment in stepping up and discovering your own unique version of relationship depth, where each of you evolve as individuals.

Having access to highly skilled professional support is essential.

Because, learning sexuality skills also requires access and support that really works for you, support that has integrity, skill and availability.

Even if your relationship is on the verge of falling apart, or you feel you’re at the end of the road we see this as the beginning place of potential growth with our skilled support and guidance.

Oztantra’s unique experience and specialized techniques will introduce you into what is possible in your relationship, while supporting you in growing and expanding your relationship long into your future together.

Oztantra are highly specialized Relationship Counsellors

Oztantra are skilled relationship counsellors, specializing in emotional techniques,  combined with real world tantra experience which makes for a powerful and sustainable learning experience for clients.

Oztantra has all this, plus well practiced counselling skills that are workable and practical for modern relationships of all ages, especially in dealing with deep emotional woundings such as physical and sexual abuse, emotional abuse, anger and much more.

Real and healthy relationships are what our world needs more of, and being in a healthy relationship as a role model for your children is such a wonderful gift for them to receive as your legacy.

Creating authentic, passionate fulfilling tantric relationships

At Oz Tantra, Annette & Graeme have discovered and experienced just how significant an influence tantra can be in their own long term relationship of over 15rys.  It is from this place of experience, that they have developed skills and techniques that will surprise you in their simplicity and effectiveness whilst honouring and respecting your relationship integrity.

Facilitators Annette Baulch & Graeme Sudholz.

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Oztantra’s Annette & Graeme are also in a longterm committed relationship

Oztantra’s Annette & Graeme come to you with the highest integrity in this work. We deliver our work grounded in our own passion for relationship and sex,  from our own long term and  real relationship.

This enables us when working with clients as a couple to intimately understand the integrity, trust and skill  expected by  clients when working with them in their intimate relationship space.

Annette and Graeme are in a unique relationship, as  both are professionally qualified counsellors with qualifications in emotional intelligence and Tantric sexuality.  As well as sharing a relationship and a passion for this work, they also share between them, extensive life skills in their personal and professional backgrounds that contribute and compliment with their unique and powerful style of working.

Learning how to free up your energy

We specialize in freeing up those ingrained relationship speed bumps and energy blocks and introduce you to the fun, pleasurable and healing aspects of Tantra.

And, even if you’re single and frustrated with why it’s not working for you, we can support and guide you in your journey of self discovery.

On going support is our priority

Ongoing support is our specialty, as we realize that any session or workshop is just the beginning.

Learning tantra is about connecting your heart with your sexuality and meeting and discovering yourself as a sexual being and truly going there takes time (no, there isn’t a pill for it), we’re here to support you for as little or as long as it takes.

Creating depth of change with fun and pleasure….

Oztantra is about creating change that is sustainable, worthwhile and a helluva  lot of fun.  If you desire to hear how this can work for you, it is as simple as contacting us……..

Call us TOLL FREE 1800 TANTRA (826 872), email link

And, if we don’t get results in each session, there is no charge.

Your Relationship skills are our priority….

And, you can be living  anywhere on this amazing planet and still have access to our services through our comprehensive website, Skype or Google Hangouts, enabling you to learn with us in a timely fashion from the convenience and privacy of your home.

Imagine a Skype session from the privacy and security of your home with this very powerful and convenient resource supporting you, especially if something has come up for you, and you need support NOW !!

Sessions, Retreats, Workshops, Getaways…..

Oztantra offers a wide variety of uniquely specialized sessions, retreats and workshops all combined with information and direction to ensure full integration of any changes or challenges that may arise.

Especially with deep inner child issues that may arise through healing shame and opening up sexual life force energy blocks.

And, this is just the beginning….

Oztantra is tantra…

Introducing tantra into your relationship will change everything in a way that will take your breath away. Even in this busy day and age, conscious sexuality skills can transform your life in the bedroom and beyond. And because we understand that learning Tantric skills is only the beginning, we intimately understand how much is at stake and what is needed during integration.

Emotional Intelligence

Annette & Graeme are highly skilled in and share a passion for emotional intelligence techniques, specializing in inner child work, emotional and energetic blockages, sexual and physical abuse and much more.

We both know and intimately understand the powerful gift of tantra and how you can easily introduce it into your life.

Combined with our extensive real life skills which include family issues, business and work issues, divorce, sexual abuse, physical and emotional abuse and more, Oztantra will meet you.

This website is full of free information at your finger tips (about 90 pages of information, tips, webinar’s etc…) so have a browse…

Oztantra will make a difference in your life and relationship because you will get to experience both the power and wisdom of the masculine and feminine working together in a rare and unparalleled container…     (Experience this in our  Couples Retreat)

If you want to know more about us, our work or our products, contacting us is easy…..
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Oztantra Client Stories:

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Tantra for Intimate Relationships

Too often sex has become a purely orgasm focused performance that ultimately leads to non-existent, routine or boring sex.

Especially if your lovemaking has become a limited last thing at night scratching of the itch,  a bit of foreplay, mutual orgasms (hopefully), outcome achieved, then sleep.

Oztantra will support you in finding the best for yourself in your sex lives, and in a way that supports you in your relationship boundaries. From this place, learning tantra is natural, life changing and surprisingly easy….

And, we have techniques for singles to practice, learn and grow into your next relationship.

Your sex life will never be same again…..

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Oz tantric intimacy

There is so much more to learn, as sex and relationship can definitely get better as we get older.

We invite you to explore our website.

Please join us and enjoy our free webinar’s

And, if you have further questions, please contact us

Call us TOLL FREE 1800 TANTRA (826 872), email link

And, even if you live in isolated, remote areas, our skype sessions are just as transformative.

We prioritise safety, accountability, transparency and integrity with TOTAL confidentiality.

What Is Tantra

Whether it is with another, or with yourself, relationships is where the gold is and what Tantra is all about.